Veteran housing authority and real estate professional Cardell Blue started [] in 2004 after spending more than 20 years working for Housing Authorities and Redevelopment Authorities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cardell has an extensive career as CEO and in top level management positions, servicing at all four housing agencies, (Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation -- PHDC); (Philadelphia Housing Authority -- PHA); (Redevelopment Authority -- RDA) and the Office of Housing and Community Development -- OHCD).

Cardell possess a wealth of experience and knowledge ranging from housing management to development in market rate and affordable housing.  His team has assisted clients in the development of an extensive portfolio of housing units in Philadelphia.

The team also gives back to the communities in which it does business through wide range of endeavors. 


About Cardell Blue and Associates

Giving back

At [], founder Cardell Blue and his team believe that true success is about more than growing their real estate consulting portfolio; this top-notch group of professionals devotes countless hours each year to charitable causes that benefit diverse populations.  From participating in Clean Philadelphia Campaigns, Martin Luther King Day of Service Programs and assisting residents in developing community plans for funding to mentoring youth and college interns, to sponsoring scholarships to deserving youth.  Cardell Blue and Associates are committed not just to improving the process of community and Real Estate Development, but to making Philadelphia a better place to live.